The GOLEM GmbH tiles stand out from the industrial mass-produced products through traditional manufacturing. High-quality choice of materials and original decors create a unique signature. These outstanding features should now be reflected in my picture. It was aimed to be different than other tile manufacturers that otherwise present themselves in architectural magazines or online portals. The starting object is a tile in Art Nouveau style (15cm x 15cm, article number F69 V1). The aim of my body paint work is the creation of an image that invites the viewer to take a second more-detailed look. I succeeded through an optical illusion. Preparations include accurate colour mixing and stencil making. Especially the detection and accurate spraying and painting of the intertwined ornaments was a challenge. The implementation on the body was as time-consuming as the preparation itself - mine by far the most time-consuming body paint work! How long did it take us? That remains a secret. You could also ask me personally or you ask Josie, who sat quietly for 7 hours. This picture was created in cooperation with the photographer Kendra Strom Rae, the model Josie and my assistant Jessica. A big thanks to Irma Cirkovic and Vertoner Philip Lubig for video and audio editing of our behind-the-scenes clip.

Sutida Vestewig