Body painting is my signature. In addition to my vocation and passion - make-up and hairstyling. FLORA is the title of the photo series published in Laffaire Magazine. This time I could pair body painting with bridal fashion. I provide hair and make-up for every beautiful bride! But why not marry in a backless dress and let your eyes be captivated by something very special? For example by continuing the pattern of the lace in brushstrokes and body painting using an airbrush. Painted so realistically that you have to look twice to be able to believe the eyes. The pictures show a naked upper body, which of course is not intended during the actual wedding at the church, but an inspiration in every way and an eye-catcher! If that appeals to you, do not hesitate - you too could marry like that. The team includes: photographer, Lynn Theisen and hairstylist Benjamin Madle. Models, Sue and Ines from the modeling agency Model Factory. And last but not least an inspiration in bridal fashion: Karo Woznicka, known through her blog Without them, there would be no famous credits to people like Peter Langner, Pronovias and Yanan Esper.

Sutida Vestewig